Australian Open 2017

With the first leg of selections done and dusted. I needed to put down some solid runs at the open if I wanted to have any chance of making team this year.

Coming in to the first day I felt confident yet nervous as this would be the first year I really could consider myself even remotely competitive. After finishing my first run I was pumped full of confidence, I had put down a decent run on a course that featured familiar and unfamiliar moves but my many touches had meant that i had dropped down the list. I was sitting 35th and with only 30 going through to semis i had hope. I knew what i had to do to make semis and was eager to get back on the water.

But plans don’t always go to plan and instead of putting down the run I needed, my second run deteriorated and I was left with another poor run.

Fortunately my weekend was not over with an invitational semi-final, i had a chance for some sort of redemption. With all Australians being included into the run I had a chance to get out of the boat before my run and watch the first few boats. With this chance to relax and not overthink things I felt in control as I got back into the boat and paddled to the start box.

With the course consisting of technical moves from the start, I decided to paddle as smoothly as I could and build into my run. With this in mind I crossed the line and had one of my best runs despite lacking intensity and being off line in some sections. A great win amongst the losses.


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