My First World Cup

Touching down in Munich after escaping the cold Melbourne winter was a mix of nerves and excitement as I was a mere few days from my first ever Wildwater World Cup.

Getting on the 1972 Olympic course after flying in is always an interesting experience but to do it in a Wildwater boat for the first time was even more interesting. Feeling unbalanced and uncoordinated for the first few runs I quickly picked up and honed in my whitewater knowledge.

After getting into the rhythm of the water and placing my strokes, I learnt very quickly the importance of sweeps and running clean water. I was ready to race.

With the Sprint being first off on the Saturday, I was ready to show what I could do. Warming up nice and early with a couple practice runs, I reinforced my game plan. As it came time to race I could feel the nerves start to rise. I crossed the line as to plan but very quickly realised I was rushing to much and had pushed myself off my line, nothing major but enough to cost me time and speed. Getting to the bottom I was disappointed with my time and having let nerves get the better of me.

With a quick cool down, and refuelling I was ready for my ‘composed’ second run. Getting off to a great start I passed the halfway point with time in hand and feeling confident I decided to cut the line to try around the bottom corner. But with it being a double edged word I cut it to fine and ended up in the eddie, effectively ending any chance of any respectable time. Not the greatest start to the trip.



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