2018 Wildwater National Championships and senior selection

To kick off the 2018 year I spent the new years in Mitta mitta, remote Victoria (Aus), waiting for the first race of the year to kick off. It was a new course for me to race despite  being so close to home. With three selection events occurring over 2 days it was going to be a busy and intense time.

The sprint course consisted of a technical section and some nice whitewater it was a great change up to Australian wildwater rivers, featuring some sharp rock selves just piercing the water line and fine lines.

To start off the first selection race, we had the heats of sprints down the ‘sharks tooth’ rapid. Having two solid and constant runs I was sitting nicely inside percentage in 3rd boat. Happy with that I had to put a third run down to solidify first days racing and my selection campaign. However while I had nailed my lines on the first runs I couldn’t manage to maintain them for one last sprint and found myself on the wrong side of the tooth. Disappointed with my run I couldn’t help but feel both lucky to have not done damage despite not replicating a third time. However after the long anticipation I was relieved to find out that my final run ended up only being one second slower.

Being halfway through the selection period after only one day, the 14 minute classic would be the last hurdle for the 2018 selection. Being very relaxed before the run I only had to make one more eligible run to solidify my position for 2018. While I didn’t push myself to the extreme, I was happy at the end of my run and had made percentage meaning I had made team.

To Finish off the period we then headed to Eildon for the last classic race, where Lachlan and I made percentage in the C2 and I race along side Rob and Alex McIntyre in the teams sprints. Something that would be a great practice for the World champs.



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